who we are

the origins

WIACES was created with the firm conviction to provide electronic products fulfilling three crucial values: efficiency, reliability and adaptability - offering high performance solutions fully adapted to your needs.

After 10 years in business, WIACES has gained superior experience in repairing, designing, programming and prototyping electronic devices. Now, it is time to leap forward to the production of our own complete electronic systems, offering thus an exclusive and outstanding service.

Our goal is to make the state-of-the-art technologies affordable to everybody. For that reason, we exert ourselves to be economically competitive while ensuring the highest quality components and materials.

Please, check out the shop online and our R&D department to see what WIACES can offer. Besides, if you have any specific request, let us know by contacting us with no compromise through either the Services or Contact sections.

why choosing us?

Your ideas brought to reality

Creating a custom product only for you might seem to be madness, but we do it! If you can think about it, we can make it and we will fulfill any particular need you may have. In addition, if you want to hold exclusiveness on the product, we can accept a confidentiality clause, we respect the intellectual property and we can even act as your production service.

You are always given the best option

Though we can fix everything, if you are not interested in the repair, we can either make or supply the product at the lowest price with the corresponding warranty. We evaluate the best solution to solve your problem saving you time and inconveniences. The sentence “the best at the lowest cost” is a must for us.

Experts in telematic control and automation

Can you imagine having everything under control in a single terminal? If you are interested in telematic control and/or automation of any electronic device, we can make it for you. Our enviable, highly qualified and experienced team is at your service. Don’t hesitate to contact us and try us!


José María López

Electronic Systems Eng.